Monday, July 6, 2009

300 Elite Team

Good afternoon,

July is going to be a huge month for this team as we
will be launching the personalized BTD/BVD web stores
and announcing the launch of our free listing
campaigns to such as Face Book, MySpace
and millions of people via multiple marketing

I have had almost every 300 Elite Team member email me
with their Face Book set up notification and I am
working through each of them one by one. I appreciate
everyone's cooperation and attention to detail. This
is all part of a bigger plan to launch this concept to
the world of the internet...There are MILLIONS of
people who are going to learn about this and you will
see thousands of people beginning to test the listing
process by way of one of your voucher codes. This
combined with a generous commission program will
motivate them to join and motivate everyone on this
team to push forward as you see how simple this is
going to be to market online.

The approach I am taking as we build this company to
MILLIONS of listings and MILLIONS of clicks from web
traffic is a very personal approach. I know that many
of you need the extra help and instruction and we are
going to make sure you get that. This program becomes
a success when each 300 elite team member experiences
success first.

Lives are going to change financially as we make this
program into everything it can be. You were with us in
the beginning and deserve to reap the benefits of what
will surely become a big success.

We have a winning program and you will see how
everything was meant to come together soon.

For you who have not had a chance to set up your Face
Book accounts, please do so by following the
instructions in the email we sent out earlier this
week. Below is the link to that email:

Have a happy 4th of July and a great weekend. I look
forward to a great month and a successful venture


Joel Sauceda
Big Ticket/Big Value CEO

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Typos Not Mine

From: Joel Sauceda/Big Ticket & Big Value Depot CEO
Date: June 29, 2009
Time: 12:00 P.M. CST
To: 300 Elite Team

Good afternoon,

This week we will be setting up multiple rotator pages that are going to be inserted in the search engines and will be marketed on FACE BOOK, MY SPACE and many other social networking websites. We have worked out arrangements to cross link these pages and here is what it means for you as a 300 Elite Team member..Before the end of this email, I will be asking you to set up a FREE account with Face Book so you can help accommodate some of the enrollments we will get from that angle alone. You will understand why by the end of this email..

What does all this "marketing" we are doing mean to you?

Traffic to your websites and Commissions (money!)

The Plan Has IMPROVED Over The Past Several Months.. This has been done to make this even BETTER for you and easier for you to build a long term income and make UPFRONT money...

Our plan of launching Big Ticket Depot has evolved into something much greater than we ever dreamed and although it took more time& money, the final product is going to be worth the wait. I can tell you that our (YOUR) market went from 30% to almost 85% of people who will have an interest or NEED for what YOU will offer them. The way we are going to present this by use of SINGLE WEB PAGES that will GRAB peoples attention and SIMPLE WEB PAGES that will enable people
to activate a LISTING VOUCHER (with YOUR code on it) to "TRY BEFORE THEY BUY" a listing will be TURN-KEY and SIMPLE. This will show them that they can do it and will make them WANT to join.

SIMPLICITY is KEY. We are working to make this program SIMPLE to understand and SIMPLE to market. We know that some of you may feel like your out of the loop but that is not the case. The marketing we are setting in place at our expense is going to benefit you tremendously and will not require you to go through a year of training. Our goal is to get each of you to the point of getting 3-4 enrollments a DAY or more..

What would that mean?

3 X $75 = $225 Per day X 30 Days= OVER $6000 per month...

How many of you could use that kind of income or even HALF of that kind of income? Or how about half of HALF of that kind of extra income? This is very realistic considering the MARKET CLIMATE and ECONOMIC CONDITIONS....VERY DOABLE.

What we are doing on our end is going to make that 100% possible and NOT "Pie In The Sky"..

Remember something...

People around the WORLD are interested in SELLING their OWN stuff...People in MLM's around the world are trying to SELL their products....People who own HOUSES, BOATS, etc..etc.. are DESPERATE to sell their stuff...

We have a HUGE market and to find 2-3 people a day on this thing we call the INTERNET (where BILLIONS reside), makes it POSSIBLE.

We are marketing something here that people want and people who are presently using Ebay and other listing options are looking for OTHER options. We are that OPTION.

I have NEVER doubted this idea/opportunity, I only WISHED the programming could be completed faster because I KNOW that we have a program that is going to GROW rapidly and so many of you are going to make a lot of money at..

I am here to tell you that I am behind this program 10000% and it was 100% my idea to launch this and I have NO DOUBT in my mind that what we have here is a HIT and will get HUGE!

The question is this...

WHO will be part of it and who will have the patience and staying power to see this idea that is ALREADY in action become a HOUSE HOLD name online...WHEN this happens this team will have been at the FOREFRONT and will reap the NEW enrollments and NEW clients and EVERYTHING else we are setting in place.

Remember, we did not launch this company as a PUBLIC company.. We launched this company with a 300 Elite Team who saw this vision before the websites were even built. You read and heard my idea online and you are seeing this roll out before your eyes. This IS going to be big and if ANYONE opted out they will want to OPT back in and fast. Nobody will want to lose their 300 Elite Team Status especially when you see how we are PROGRAMMING this system to CODE
EVERY Vortex member who is in NOW and in the future to have a listing code and a position that WE will encourage them to activate by showing them step by step how simple this program is...

There is MUCH to go over and I appreciate you reading this far. I know that with the economy in such a downer it can get you down sometimes. We are all human but it is important to keep your eye on the FINAL GOAL. We have a PLAN here and we have never strayed from that plan.

My thanks goes out to Brad Harris (VP) who has put so much into making sure the programming is solid and our great web design staff who have been on top of this each and every day. I would also like to thank Manuel Oblitas and his staff who have put thousands of hours into developing this programs TECHNICAL side. You have no idea how much has gone into this and how FAR we plan on taking this program.

For now, I have some instructions for each of you...

FIRST and foremost if your account has lapsed for whatever reason, it is important that it is put back in qualified status. If your $39 monthly maintenance has lapsed, you will need to email Brad Harris at :


In your email subject line put : REINSTATE BTD

In your email put your FULL NAME

Brad will send you instructions to reinstate your account..
You will not want to lose your 300 Elite Team status...


I have been setting up MULTIPLE angles for driving traffic to YOUR websites. I will be deploying MULTIPLE campaigns and NO it will NOT cost you anything but TIME. We have budgeted for this marketing and as a 300 Elite Team member in good standing, you have EARNED it.

One of many angles I have set up is the Social Media Marketing angle....

I am sure everyone here has heard of Myspace, Twitter, FaceBook etc..

I have a plan that will drive THOUSANDS of people from those mediums to this team (YOU) BUT I need each of you to set up an account, FIRST with FACE BOOK...

Here is what I need each of you to do:


1. Go to FaceBook.Com and set up a FREE account (right hand side of page)..

2. AFTER you have set up a FREE account, send me a DIRECT EMAIL at the following account:


(Some of you are with us in Max Life and I gave you all ANOTHER email account to send to for that)

In your email subject to me put "Face Book Account Established"

In our email put your FIRST/LAST name.

I will in turn send you a special link to join a special Face Book group with me. This is one way I will communicate with you and anther way I will send traffic to your websites..

This week we will be explaining the PERSONALIZED BTD & BVD Stores that each of you will be GIVEN! These stores will be a product you will be able to market and make HUGE residual commissions on. Who will be interested in these stores?

1. Small independent car, boat, rv dealerships..How many around the world? MILLIONS!

2. Antique shops, specialty shops

3. Current Ebay sellers..They will want to save money by setting up shop with us..

4. The MILLIONS of people on Craigs list posting items to sell...

This week we will show you how this part of the puzzle is going to attract people from around the world and how you will be GIVEN multiple SIMPLE one page websites that will invite them in...NO phone call sales required because our emails/social media marketing will do the work for you..

The vision is alive and well and you will soon see Vortex (the system that has BUILT Max Life and Big Ticket) evolve into a TURN-KEY system that will drive people into YOUR big ticket team and for youyeh who are part of Max Life, BOTH!

Have a great day and do not forget to follow the instructions above!


Joel Sauceda
Big Ticket/Big Value Depot

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Not surprisingly, it is somewhat of a surprise to me that out of all the websites I take a look at whenever I search (usually) Google with keywords related directly or indirectly to Big Ticket Depot, there are not any others (so far) that seek double opt-ins via a subscription form as can be found here, here, here, here and here. If there is one thing that I have learned in the wake of my travails to become an Internet kazillionaire, it is that one had best capture leads into an autoresponder for future contact. In the event that Big Ticket/Value Depot does not contribute to my future kazillionairehood, then all those folks will get Plan B-thru-Z plans thrown (gently, reassuringly, encouragingly) at them. At least that's Plan A Part 2.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Yikes And Double Yikes!

Yowza! Yikes! Whoops and oops! I nearly forgot about this. "Corporate" at Big Ticket Depot in the form of Joel has sent an updating missive to we the Elite 300 Spartan BTD/BVD Warrior Team informing us, for one, not to miss the postscript at the end. Just now re-reading that there letter I was reminded of said P.S., and so I followed the instructions and clicked on the link I was directed to to confirm my Elite 300 Spartan BTD/BVD Warrior Team status. But in the body of this here letter I am referring to, that there info tells us that in July, August and September big things are gonna be happening with Big Ticket Depot and its little cousin site Big Value Depot and that an alleged "$250,000 in commissions within the next 60 days" are in the works. Here is the paragraph with that little tidbit:

The marketing we will be GIVING you and the type of people that are ALREADY attracted to us is increasing daily. Our rankings are rising and this means MORE traffic for EVERYONE. Additionally, we will run a 30 day PRE LAUNCH with over 400,000 people in a database we have and they will be guided to our 300 Elite Team...Our goal is to pay out at least $250,000 in commissions within the next 60 days. It will sky rocket from

Well, that would be pretty cool, but I'll see it when I believe it, if you can believe that if you see what I mean. At any rate, by clicking on the title of this posting, you will be directed yourself to that there letter. There is some other juicy stuff in the message. It doth give me hope. It's kinda like dope.

Become A BigTicketDepot Affiliate Today

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Astral Projection on the Cheap

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Ticket Versus Big Value

I'm a little bit confused. That's nothing unusual, but here is what I am confused about. This is a picture of an antique gas pump, okay? It is currently listed under the "Historical Memorabillia" category on Big Value Depot for a buy-it-now price of $5,700 with the bidding beginning at $5000. With me so far?

Next we have a Dinky Car Collection listed on Big Ticket Depot under the category of "Collectibles". Bidding starts at $349. Or, if you are in totally dire need of some dinky cars, you could get the whole shebang for a measly $400.

Now, I'm a firm believer of the notion that in these times of global warming no home is complete without an antique gas pump, and of course everybody wants a dinky car collection. However, from my understanding of the mind-set behind the launch of Big Ticket Depot, only big ticket items are supposedly to be listed within the corridors of Big Ticket Depot. That's why it's called "Big Ticket". Duh . . . .

Such big ticket items are defined as having a sticker price of at least $1K. Anything below that price is to be listed in, trumpets from the ramparts, Big Value Depot. Are you beginning to see the source of my confusion? If so, please leave a comment on this weblog posting and tell me what it is. I still don't really know. I guess that's because I'm confused.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It Still Lives!

I love it when I get good news, especially when it's a long time coming.

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And without further ado, may I bring to you the latest update from Joel and Brad, the Corporate Duo of Big Ticket Depot:


Urgent/From CEO/Big Value Depot-Big Ticket Depot - June 20th BIG DAY

Please Read this ENTIRE email, even if your account has lapsed at ANY time. We are LAUNCHING our MAJOR feeder programs from Vortex (Big Value/Big Ticket
AND Max Life) and you will be PLEASED to know that NOBODY has lost any positions provided instructions are followed.

This is NO time to relax. ALL systems are ready to go FINALLY and you are about to see our MASTER plan come to REALITY. If you took a break that is fine
but it is now time to get back into position. June, July, August and September are going to be HUGE Months for ALL of our feeder programs and you HAVE a position.

For you who have hung in there all this time, you are amazing and appreciated. We know it has been a long road but we are real people and we never quit..We just got better for you!

*************VERY IMPORTANT-A MUST***************

Read this email and EVERYONE needs to read the P.S section and follow instructions please..

THE "PS" Section is ALSO important!


For immediate release

May 27, 2009
Time: 10:00 A.M. CST

Good Morning,

I have waited several months to be able to send this email to everyone on this team. We have finally arrived and I have much to share with you about what
is HAPPENING and what is about to HAPPEN! First, you need to know that I have been like a caged marketing LION during this time while we waited for the "techies" to do their programming etc. I am not the most patient person in the world but because much of what had to be developed for Big Value Depot and Big Ticket Depot was beyond my control, I had to be. I chose to keep it "low key" during this time and put my focus on developing the marketing side of the program which will work synergistically with the programming that has been completed.

The time is now...

Everything I asked for has been created by these developers. With the economy worsening during these developmental months, it has only STRENGTHENED
our position as a company and is going to mean great things for you as a 300 Elite Team member. What we will be able to offer millions of people is going to "MAKE SENSE" to people and people WILL take what we are offering them. This will be the EASIEST sale we have ever had to make and because you are
part of the 300 Elite Team, those sales (100% of them) will be going to you. We have not even LAUNCHED this program in its entirety and we already have THOUSANDS of people visiting the site and posting items. We have not even shown the SIMPLICITY of the program, yet hundreds of people are already USING it!

This is a DREAM come true for me and now you will see HOW we will plug this program and Max Life DIRECTLY into the VORTEX "FEEDER" Program! You will see VORTEX FUNNELLING THOUSANDS of people into BOTH of these businesses and for you who have them BOTH, you will get DOUBLE the benefit. Keep in mind that Big Value and Big Ticket are ONE program combined however, I do know that some of you are not set up with Max Life and we are going to show you HOW to double your benefit by doing that in the VERY near future.

Big Value / Big Ticket, PERFECT for the TIMES..The Economy..Recession...

The marketing we will be GIVING you and the type of people that are ALREADY attracted to us is increasing daily. Our rankings are rising and this means MORE traffic for EVERYONE. Additionally, we will run a 30 day PRE LAUNCH with over 400,000 people in a database we have and they will be guided to our 300 Elite Team...Our goal is to pay out at least $250,000 in commissions within the next 60 days. It will sky rocket from

ALSO...EVERY new Vortex member will be GIVEN a FREE listing within Big Value and Big Ticket and we will be assigning these leads/potential customers to EACH of the people on the 300 Elite Team.

ALSO...within 90 days we will be adjusting the entry fee because we will be INCREASING the amount of listings people will get. The great news is this fee will ALSO increase the commissions from $75 per sign up to over $125 PER SIGN UP. This alone is huge and will ONLY be given to people who are 300 Elite Team QUALIFIED..

300 Elite Team "QUALIFIED"..What Does This Mean?

Your $39 monthly maintenance is in good standing

I know it took longer than expected to get this going but look at the state of the times..We had a major crash in the economy and many things slowed down in that time. Fortunately we NEVER stopped working or believing and now we ALL have a chance to build a HUGE business here.


We have FULL time email marketing people sending out emails and ALREADY getting people signed up in Big Value/ Big Ticket. These sign ups are being given
to the 300 Elite Team. I am SURE this will increase, especially with all the incentives we will offer the people!

I look forward to your success in all of our feeder programs. We have HUGE RE-Launches happening next month and you will NOT want to miss out on it!

Have a GREAT day!

Joel Sauceda
Vortex/Max Life


Friday, May 15, 2009

It Lives, It's Live!!!

Lo and behold, that day we've all been waiting for, or at least those of us in the know, or even in the hope we know --- that fateful day has arrived.

The Big Ticket Depot website is happening, with big ticket items to buy and sell all ready for your frenetic bidding pleasure.

Are you grinning like a deranged banshee on PCP-laced jimson weed cookies at the thought of getting yourself a lovely dinning room set for only sixty-six hundred smackers like the one described here:

"This double pedestal dining table continues to be one of Kindel Funiture Company's best selling dining tables. The tabletop is made of figured mahogany veneers with a cross-banded ribbon border and thin maple inlaid line. The caster are solid brass. Table includes custom-made pads, including those for the four leaves. (The pads sell for another $1,000 but will be included in the price). Corners of table are rounded. The table alone sells for around $9,000 currently."

Wow! I don't know about you, but just thinking of a succulent meal served on that baby, I slather myself silly. Mahogany and maple! Brass and casters! A pedestal and pads, veneer and leaves! It's almost too much to imagine. So, don't bother trying and instead, just take a look.

And that's not all! Over in this corner, by the famous sculpting artist Dave Powell of Montana
, we have for all you aficionados of big prairie Western lore, "Mountain Chief Bronze", for a measly $28,500 if you buy it right this very moment. Don't wait too long, or it might get swooped up once the bidding begins.

Or, there is an actual Persian carpet, the bidding on which starts at only $4500!! Wow, again! A Persian carpet --- who knows, maybe it even flies. Wouldn't that be just too cool.

But anyway, the entire point of today's entry is to inform all of you out there that Big Ticket Depot has finally fully jumped into the fray of big time online auction bidding, buying and selling. And you, too, can be collecting oodles of big ticket items for your personal, private museums, items to be seen only by your celebrity friends and any other VIPs wandering around in your periphery.

Now, if, unfortunately, you are not disgustingly wealthy, but struggling to make your first billion, I wholeheartedly recommend in my most amply sincere lust-for-lucre mode, getcher own Big Ticket Depot affiliate broker back office and yank healthy commissions out of the pockets of private museum patrons by selling them big ticket items online. It's totally juice.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big Ticket Depot Not Ready To Launch Again

The gang at Big Ticket Depot Corporate (and by gang I mean Brad and Joel) have not failed in once more keeping we the Elite 300 on the verge of frothing at the bit in eager anticipation and startled panic at NOT opening the client side of Big Ticket Depot in April as promised in the month of April. In the month of April. In April. Not in April. April, naught.

The April 30th edition of the Big Ticket Training Newswire concludes quite gaily, and I mean that in a happy way, "Our communications are going to be picking up now that we are ready to launch the BigTicket Store." If there is foam gathering at the corners of your suddenly and increasingly dry mouth at the thought of being ken to this entire newswire item, never fear, just click on the title of this posting and you'll be there. Have an awesome day.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Ticket Depot Ready To Launch Again

Always keeping one in suspense, the guys and gals at "Corporate" of the Big Ticket Depot sitcom, being more specifically as far as I have been able to ascertain Brad and Joel, who are not gals, and in fact I don't really know if there are actually any gals in "Corporate" . . . .

Anyway, okay, Big Ticket Depot is now not only Big Ticket Depot but also Big Value Depot. You may or may not be wondering which one, BTD or BVD, is more like eBay and which one is more like a pair of men's underwear. You would be safe in assuming that you could buy or sell or join in an auction scenario on a pair of BVDs at either BTD or BVD, but be advised --- if such happens at BTD, them there's some purty spendy undies.

But yegads, do I ever go on. The fact of the matter is though, that suspense thang? "Corporate" is now promising that Big Ticket Depot is nearly ready to fully launch its gutsy goodness into the cybersphere. Yeah, yeah, Big Value Depot is already there, and them there undies could go real cheap at BVD.

The choice is yours. Do you understand? No? Why not ?!? Man, some people . . . .

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Ticket Repo

Ya gotta lovit!! How you may never be able to tell whether something is on the up-and-up or is total malarkey on the Internet.

Okay, so here we are, it's Friday the Thirteenth, the second month of a new year, and last year's "promise" of a client side opening at Big Ticket Depot having already been postponed in January is once again up for an adjustment. Yes, "Corporate", as this entity is being referred to, has this to say in today's email to we the Elite 300 ---


Good Afternoon Team,

Has it been a busy week for us at corporate and BigTicket Depot?? YES IT HAS. We are in some of the final testing modes to launch the initial client side of both BigTicket Depot and "TopSecretDepot" applications. We cannot wait to start giving you the access as you will be the first who will activate as BigTicket Depot and "TopSecretDepot" Clients. This will be a very seamless and streamline system which will be implemented into your BigTicket Depot affiliate back office.

With a click of the button, your BigTicket Depot and"TopSecretDepot" client side back offices will be activated as well as the FREE listing codes you will be able to use for both. These free listing codes which you are going to receive are going to be the key to building a strong client list from the beginning and we will show you how.

Did we want to see this launched this week?? The answer is Yes. Will it happen?? The answer is No. We are not going to sugarcoat anything to anyone now that
we are so close to launching. The programming is extensive and we have had to do a lot of extra testing prior to pushing the button which will activate the entire system for you and your future clients. We are not looking at weeks but rather days at this point and will keep you up to speed as we close in on the the

With the expansion and addition of "TopSecretDepot" to the entire BigTicket Depot business model, we are taking this to a level we never imagined and you will
be thankful when we go live. You have no idea what this will mean for you when it comes to potential for both the client side as well as the the affiliate signup side.

**Commission Payment Update**

-Commissions Earned through January 23rd 2008:

For all that earned affiliate commissions through January 23rd of 2008. You should have received a separate communication earlier this week as we are in
the process of paying these commissions.

For all U.S. members with paid commissions posted in your back office. Your Vortex MasterCard through PayPartners has been sent out as of Monday this week.
Your current commissions will be posted to your account when you receive and activate your new Vortex MasterCard.

For All Non U.S. members with paid commissions posted in your back office. We emailed you the instructions so we can issue your commissions through PayPal. As of now we have received back the information from almost 90% of you to complete that. If you did not receive that email communication, let us know right away by emailing us at

-Commissions Earned January 24th through Today:

If you did not have commissions earned in the period posted above, we will be emailing you with the instructions so we can also issue you your commissions. If you earned commissions in the previous payment period we will be adding those to this commission payment period.

We are very excited at corporate with the amount of commissions which were earned through your affiliate signups to date. This just shows us that we have put
together a business model which will truly generate income for you and this is prior to the launch of the Client side of BigTicket Depot and "TopSecretDepot".
When the client side does go live and that is eminent, we believe the potential for affiliate signup conversions will go up by 1000%.

The coming weeks, months and years are going to be very exciting for all of us. So strap on your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life.

Until our next communication, have an awesome day.


Brad Harris
VP BigTicket Depot


Okay, you got all that? The brunt of the sitcom here is, have an awesome day. Alright, BTD, I'll do that thanx, and no, I didn't get that email notification about paying out my commissions. But intrepid reader, I must share --- it is no longer Friday the Thirteenth, it is now Monday the Sixteenth. My, how time flies when you're having fun (on the weekend). And I can heartily recommend the new Hellboy flick, just out on DVD here in Taiwan (and more or less elsewhere I guess). And on this Monday morning before I make the hour-long commute to the office, I have come across something interestin of a related manner, perhaps . . . perhaps interesting, perhaps related. From a Web Pro News article from a month ago I discovered while deleting email from another of my accounts, this piece on Evil eBay makes Big Ticket Depot look both good as well as, well, not good:


eBay Wants Its Sellers Back

(by Chris Crum)

Early last year, eBay inflicted some damaging policy changes that sent many sellers running for the hills. Now, they apparently are changing the rules to remove negative comments left by customers towards the sellers.

A couple months ago I talked to a number of eBay sellers, and all but one of them told me that eBay's feedback policy was their biggest frustration. It now seems that eBay has decided to hear the howls of disgust from its users that have been going on for the majority of the past year. Ecommerce Journal reports:

The move to change the Feedback policy was prompted by numerous requests made by the cross-border sellers who received negative comments from customers while there wasn’t actual fault with the merchants. Now eBay will be removing feedback if: the listing meets the Customs Requirements and/or the seller receives a negative or neutral Feedback comment, which references customs delays or customs fees. Merchants in turn are obliged to advise the buyers that import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

There was also a lot of frustration about eBay's payment policy. Many were enraged by the favoritism showed to eBay-owned PayPal. eBay will reportedly now be adding Moneybookers and PayMate as acceptable methods of payment starting next month.

eBay users have been quite vocal in their displeasure with the famous auction site. It seems unlikely that many of them that have been so passionate will be willing to go back to eBay just because they finally acknowledged these issues. But the brand power that eBay carries does pull a lot of weight. Are you (or were you) an eBay seller? What do you think?


Now, what's also interesting about this article by Mr. Crum are the scathing comments that follow, one of which notes as an aside within its contents the following --- "Over at Big Ticket Depot, its FREE for all pictures except company size pictures."

Hmm . . . .

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Ticket Depot Soon To Launch Client Side Function

Now, this is what I call ---


From: Joel Sauceda/Vortex CEO
Date: January 7, 2000
Time: 9:30 P.M. CST

Good evening team,

This update is very important and should be passed on to your
respective teams. We are close to launching the client side of
Big Ticket Depot and this is a communication that will put you
in the "know."

*Thank You Corporate Staff/Independent Contractors*

I will start by letting everyone know that our staff at
corporate worked through the holidays and there was very little
"vacation" time this year for us. We are all focused on the
imminent launch of the FULL Big Ticket Depot business model and
getting it "RIGHT" is important to us because it is vital to the
success of your business. I would like to take this time to
commend the staff at corporate and some of our independent
contractors who have been diligently working on the programming
and skinning of this project. It truly takes a team effort to
make something of this scale function properly. There is no way
one person or even two could do this alone. Thank you so much to
everyone who is working behind the scenes to make this a

*New Hires For The 300 Elite Team*

This is an important announcement that directly impacts each of
you on the 300 Elite Team. We are in the process of hiring an
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) staff that will have the SOLE
purpose of promoting YOUR Big Ticket URLS to the various
internet search engines. They will be working out of our San
Antonio corporate headquarters and will be working for you.
Their job is to create both PAID traffic to your websites as
well as "ORGANIC" traffic to your websites. Yes, some of these
terms may sound strange or new to you but that is OK. This
announcement is a big one because you will have someone working
on building multiple web presences for you and for the team.
This is something that will enable you to let US do the work
for you. For many of you, your time is limited on what your able
to do here so we want you to rest assured that we have MANY
resources that are being put in place to do the work for you.
There will be many of you who will get clients and affiliates
through our efforts alone. That is our goal in hiring additional
corporate staff to do much of the work for you.

The ONLY way you can lose...

The ONLY way you can lose is by quitting and that is not an
option since we have made the maintenance requirements so low.
You literally have an OFFICE staff doing the TECH work for you
for less than $40 a month. Try to start an online business where
you are part of such a SMALL team and have the type of SERVICE
that we are building behind you. It does not exist. The way we
have structured this team for the future creates a win/win for
you and for us and anyone who allows their $39 maintenance to
lapse is throwing away a valuable position and opportunity. We
have people who have found out about this and are on stand by to
join. This concept has already taken off and we have 4 NEWS
stories from major news media who have run stories on how big
ticket items are up for sale around the world at an alarming
rate due to the economic conditions. We are in the RIGHT place
at the RIGHT time and you have only seen the tip of the ice berg
of what we are going to do. Do not get impatient and be a team
player as we begin our major push into the client side of this

Some great news...

When the client side launches you will be pleased to see an
ADDITIONAL perk we have added to being a part of the 300 Elite

This important...

Everybody on this team is getting one ON GOING listing by virtue
of being on the 300 elite team. This alone could have a value of
up to $200 per month and as you know, your maintenance is only
$39.95. We have added something that will have everyone excited
and here it is..

Each month you are "active" you will receive (2) MONTHLY
listing CODES in your Big Ticket back office. These 2 30 day
listings will be YOURS to sell or use yourself. If you sell
these codes (30 day listings) you will make 100% of what you
charge a person to LIST their big ticket item via your codes!

It gets better!

Each month your $39.95 maintenance clears, you will ACCUMULATE
these codes and they will build at a rate of (2) codes per month
to a max of 24 codes. Each code could have a value (if you
charge the client max price or suggested retail price) of up to
as much as $200 per month to list on YOUR Big Ticket Depot web
portal. Do the math..Remember, we are GIVING you 100% of
whatever you choose to charge for the listing! Each month these
codes will accumulate and will show in your Big Ticket back
office and with what we will be giving you to attract CLIENTS,
it should be SIMPLE to pick up NEW clients each month online
and you get 100% of the LISTING fee, not to mention the
potential COMMISSION from their item actually selling! This is
something we are ONLY extending to the 300 Elite Team and to
ANYONE who enrolls through you by the end of January! Very
important, the DEADLINE for people being grandfathered into this
program is the END of January.

This adds a WHOLE new dimension to Big Ticket Depot and makes
your odds of making MONTHLY income even better. Think about
this, we are allowing you to make 100% of the listing fee from
people who activate these codes through you and we are allowing
you to charge them whatever you want to charge them! Yes, we
will suggest you use our final suggested retail prices that will
be posted the day we launch the client side of Big Ticket Depot.

The ONLY way you can lose out on this and LOSE this perk is to
miss your $39.95 maintenance fee . There are ZERO sponsoring
requirements to keep this perk! This ALONE can become a source
of revenue for you when the client side opens!

Word of advice, do NOT miss your monthly maintenance and if you
have accidentally missed it, be sure to get that fixed before
the end of January. You do NOT want to lose out on this.

***Client Side***

The programming for the CLIENT side of Big Ticket is FINISHED!
We are in the "Skinning" phase. Skinning is a process in which
the bare bones programming has some DESIGN built over it. Its
like having the engine of a car finished and now we are molding
the BODY of the car OVER the engine so it runs great and LOOKS
great! I am SO excited about the engine and it has been built in
such a way that it will easily be improved and modified as we
grow as a team/company. There is MUCH that we will ad as we go
but for the start, you will see that it is very user friendly
and your listing clients are going to LOVE the flexibility of it

The other exciting feature of the Client side is this..

You will be able to VIEW every listing you have that has
enrolled through you! It will be like having your OWN Big Ticket
store and when a potential buyer is looking at one of your
clients listings, it will show ALL of your other listings of
clients you have. This is a great feature and will create even
MORE exposure and potential for sales/commissions for you!

***Full Time Email Marketing/Classified Ad Posting Staff**

Next MONDAY we have 5 FULL time email marketing / classified ad
posting experts begin working for you! EVERY 300 Elite Team
member who has an account in good standing ($39.95 maintenance
fee is in good standing) will have their Big Ticket Depot
websites in a marketing rotation and will be in line to get
customers and clients via a DIRECT marketing system we are
deploying next week. Additionally, we will be adding the
TRI-Videos into the rotation for you who got your TRI-Video set

For you who did NOT get your Tri-Video set up, you will STILL
have your REGULAR Big Ticket Depot URL in the rotation but if
you would like (2) MORE places in line in the rotation, you will
want to register for the TRI VIDEO system by the end of January.
The sooner the better.

Register for the Tri Video system here if you have not done so


We are allowing you to enroll people to be part of the launch of
Big Ticket Depot through the end of January. Yes, you will be
able to enroll people into Big Ticket Depot after that via the
affiliate side but it is IMPORTANT to note that those who enroll
BEFORE the end of January will be part of the (2) codes per
month incentive.

**Additional Incentive***

Our goal is to expand our affiliate base by an additional 500
members and here is the incentive to do such:

1. For EVERY member you enroll in January you will:


Earn $75 Commission


This is in ADDITION to the (2) you are ALREADY getting each
month. This is HUGE and when you see the client side open it
is going to turn a HUGE light bulb on make everyone realize
how much we are GIVING back to everyone.You will have such
an AWESOME potential of earning REAL money every month
because of WHEN you joined. We are NOT doing this for
everyone after the 300 Elite Team. Your 300 Elite Team is
even MORE valuable then you may think.


Anyone who enrolls (5) or more affiliates before the end
of January will qualify for the PRESIDENT'S Marketing Club
and will be tied into an ADDITIONAL advertising campaign that
will be (2) MAJOR PRINT advertisements that will lead people
to you and the others who are in that category.


Anyone who enrolls (10) people or more will be put in for
a 250,000 email campaign that will send LEADS/PROSPECTS and
even SIGN UPS to you direct. One of our full time marketers
will take YOUR account and market YOUR specific URL to over
250,000 of our opt-in lists. This is HUGE and when you think
about it, it is a big opportunity because by enrolling 10
people you are ALSO making $75 per enrollment AND an EXTRA
listing CODE that will enable you to make 100% of the LISTING
fee when someone activates that code!

I know this email has been long but there is much to go over
and with the launch of the client side on the horizon, you need
to know that where you are RIGHT NOW is a GREAT position. Do NOT
quit or get impatient. This program is destined to be big and
you are a BIG part of it. If by chance the $39.95 is a
challenge, look at ways to cut back things that are not that
important so you can keep your account in perfect standing.
There are many things that are not necessities that we can all
cut back on in order to do something that has potential (BIG

I look forward to an exciting New Year and we will be
communicating FREQUENTLY as the time for client side launch
draws near. For you who have NOT enrolled in the Tri Video
system, it is 100% optional but I recommend it 100%. It is
ALREADY working for many people and one person has already
enrolled 14 affiliates by just emailing his Tri Video link to
only 200 people. That is GREAT statistics and it took very
little time for him to do it.

Register for the Tri Video System here:

Have a great week and I look forward to sending the next update!


Joel Sauceda
Vortex/Big Ticket Depot

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