Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Ticket Depot Ready To Launch Again

Always keeping one in suspense, the guys and gals at "Corporate" of the Big Ticket Depot sitcom, being more specifically as far as I have been able to ascertain Brad and Joel, who are not gals, and in fact I don't really know if there are actually any gals in "Corporate" . . . .

Anyway, okay, Big Ticket Depot is now not only Big Ticket Depot but also Big Value Depot. You may or may not be wondering which one, BTD or BVD, is more like eBay and which one is more like a pair of men's underwear. You would be safe in assuming that you could buy or sell or join in an auction scenario on a pair of BVDs at either BTD or BVD, but be advised --- if such happens at BTD, them there's some purty spendy undies.

But yegads, do I ever go on. The fact of the matter is though, that suspense thang? "Corporate" is now promising that Big Ticket Depot is nearly ready to fully launch its gutsy goodness into the cybersphere. Yeah, yeah, Big Value Depot is already there, and them there undies could go real cheap at BVD.

The choice is yours. Do you understand? No? Why not ?!? Man, some people . . . .

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