Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Ticket Depot Ready To Launch

As the year draws to a close, many are the lessons learned and not known, the notions created and left unthought, the affairs settled or neglected. (And Merry Christmas, by the way.)

There are also those scenarios which are only just begun (Sing it!), ready to roll out at the advent of the new year making 2009 a happy harvest for those in the know and on the go.

I am talking about the rollout of Big Ticket Depot this January. Big Ticket Depot is the brainchild of one Joel Sauceda, already a success in the world of online moolah-generating players. Best known for the online lead generation system Vortex, Joel has an absolute winer in Big Ticket Depot, which includes an affiliate program whereby its affiliate members serve as brokers to help those registered as sellers sell, get this, big ticket items, such as your grandmother's dust-covered diamond brooch found in the attic, Guy and Madonna's mansion, the private airplanes of frightened Big 3 CEOs, and what not, earning these brokers very decent commissions on said sales.