Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Ticket Repo

Ya gotta lovit!! How you may never be able to tell whether something is on the up-and-up or is total malarkey on the Internet.

Okay, so here we are, it's Friday the Thirteenth, the second month of a new year, and last year's "promise" of a client side opening at Big Ticket Depot having already been postponed in January is once again up for an adjustment. Yes, "Corporate", as this entity is being referred to, has this to say in today's email to we the Elite 300 ---


Good Afternoon Team,

Has it been a busy week for us at corporate and BigTicket Depot?? YES IT HAS. We are in some of the final testing modes to launch the initial client side of both BigTicket Depot and "TopSecretDepot" applications. We cannot wait to start giving you the access as you will be the first who will activate as BigTicket Depot and "TopSecretDepot" Clients. This will be a very seamless and streamline system which will be implemented into your BigTicket Depot affiliate back office.

With a click of the button, your BigTicket Depot and"TopSecretDepot" client side back offices will be activated as well as the FREE listing codes you will be able to use for both. These free listing codes which you are going to receive are going to be the key to building a strong client list from the beginning and we will show you how.

Did we want to see this launched this week?? The answer is Yes. Will it happen?? The answer is No. We are not going to sugarcoat anything to anyone now that
we are so close to launching. The programming is extensive and we have had to do a lot of extra testing prior to pushing the button which will activate the entire system for you and your future clients. We are not looking at weeks but rather days at this point and will keep you up to speed as we close in on the the

With the expansion and addition of "TopSecretDepot" to the entire BigTicket Depot business model, we are taking this to a level we never imagined and you will
be thankful when we go live. You have no idea what this will mean for you when it comes to potential for both the client side as well as the the affiliate signup side.

**Commission Payment Update**

-Commissions Earned through January 23rd 2008:

For all that earned affiliate commissions through January 23rd of 2008. You should have received a separate communication earlier this week as we are in
the process of paying these commissions.

For all U.S. members with paid commissions posted in your back office. Your Vortex MasterCard through PayPartners has been sent out as of Monday this week.
Your current commissions will be posted to your account when you receive and activate your new Vortex MasterCard.

For All Non U.S. members with paid commissions posted in your back office. We emailed you the instructions so we can issue your commissions through PayPal. As of now we have received back the information from almost 90% of you to complete that. If you did not receive that email communication, let us know right away by emailing us at

-Commissions Earned January 24th through Today:

If you did not have commissions earned in the period posted above, we will be emailing you with the instructions so we can also issue you your commissions. If you earned commissions in the previous payment period we will be adding those to this commission payment period.

We are very excited at corporate with the amount of commissions which were earned through your affiliate signups to date. This just shows us that we have put
together a business model which will truly generate income for you and this is prior to the launch of the Client side of BigTicket Depot and "TopSecretDepot".
When the client side does go live and that is eminent, we believe the potential for affiliate signup conversions will go up by 1000%.

The coming weeks, months and years are going to be very exciting for all of us. So strap on your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life.

Until our next communication, have an awesome day.


Brad Harris
VP BigTicket Depot


Okay, you got all that? The brunt of the sitcom here is, have an awesome day. Alright, BTD, I'll do that thanx, and no, I didn't get that email notification about paying out my commissions. But intrepid reader, I must share --- it is no longer Friday the Thirteenth, it is now Monday the Sixteenth. My, how time flies when you're having fun (on the weekend). And I can heartily recommend the new Hellboy flick, just out on DVD here in Taiwan (and more or less elsewhere I guess). And on this Monday morning before I make the hour-long commute to the office, I have come across something interestin of a related manner, perhaps . . . perhaps interesting, perhaps related. From a Web Pro News article from a month ago I discovered while deleting email from another of my accounts, this piece on Evil eBay makes Big Ticket Depot look both good as well as, well, not good:


eBay Wants Its Sellers Back

(by Chris Crum)

Early last year, eBay inflicted some damaging policy changes that sent many sellers running for the hills. Now, they apparently are changing the rules to remove negative comments left by customers towards the sellers.

A couple months ago I talked to a number of eBay sellers, and all but one of them told me that eBay's feedback policy was their biggest frustration. It now seems that eBay has decided to hear the howls of disgust from its users that have been going on for the majority of the past year. Ecommerce Journal reports:

The move to change the Feedback policy was prompted by numerous requests made by the cross-border sellers who received negative comments from customers while there wasn’t actual fault with the merchants. Now eBay will be removing feedback if: the listing meets the Customs Requirements and/or the seller receives a negative or neutral Feedback comment, which references customs delays or customs fees. Merchants in turn are obliged to advise the buyers that import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

There was also a lot of frustration about eBay's payment policy. Many were enraged by the favoritism showed to eBay-owned PayPal. eBay will reportedly now be adding Moneybookers and PayMate as acceptable methods of payment starting next month.

eBay users have been quite vocal in their displeasure with the famous auction site. It seems unlikely that many of them that have been so passionate will be willing to go back to eBay just because they finally acknowledged these issues. But the brand power that eBay carries does pull a lot of weight. Are you (or were you) an eBay seller? What do you think?


Now, what's also interesting about this article by Mr. Crum are the scathing comments that follow, one of which notes as an aside within its contents the following --- "Over at Big Ticket Depot, its FREE for all pictures except company size pictures."

Hmm . . . .

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