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Big Ticket Depot Soon To Launch Client Side Function

Now, this is what I call ---


From: Joel Sauceda/Vortex CEO
Date: January 7, 2000
Time: 9:30 P.M. CST

Good evening team,

This update is very important and should be passed on to your
respective teams. We are close to launching the client side of
Big Ticket Depot and this is a communication that will put you
in the "know."

*Thank You Corporate Staff/Independent Contractors*

I will start by letting everyone know that our staff at
corporate worked through the holidays and there was very little
"vacation" time this year for us. We are all focused on the
imminent launch of the FULL Big Ticket Depot business model and
getting it "RIGHT" is important to us because it is vital to the
success of your business. I would like to take this time to
commend the staff at corporate and some of our independent
contractors who have been diligently working on the programming
and skinning of this project. It truly takes a team effort to
make something of this scale function properly. There is no way
one person or even two could do this alone. Thank you so much to
everyone who is working behind the scenes to make this a

*New Hires For The 300 Elite Team*

This is an important announcement that directly impacts each of
you on the 300 Elite Team. We are in the process of hiring an
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) staff that will have the SOLE
purpose of promoting YOUR Big Ticket URLS to the various
internet search engines. They will be working out of our San
Antonio corporate headquarters and will be working for you.
Their job is to create both PAID traffic to your websites as
well as "ORGANIC" traffic to your websites. Yes, some of these
terms may sound strange or new to you but that is OK. This
announcement is a big one because you will have someone working
on building multiple web presences for you and for the team.
This is something that will enable you to let US do the work
for you. For many of you, your time is limited on what your able
to do here so we want you to rest assured that we have MANY
resources that are being put in place to do the work for you.
There will be many of you who will get clients and affiliates
through our efforts alone. That is our goal in hiring additional
corporate staff to do much of the work for you.

The ONLY way you can lose...

The ONLY way you can lose is by quitting and that is not an
option since we have made the maintenance requirements so low.
You literally have an OFFICE staff doing the TECH work for you
for less than $40 a month. Try to start an online business where
you are part of such a SMALL team and have the type of SERVICE
that we are building behind you. It does not exist. The way we
have structured this team for the future creates a win/win for
you and for us and anyone who allows their $39 maintenance to
lapse is throwing away a valuable position and opportunity. We
have people who have found out about this and are on stand by to
join. This concept has already taken off and we have 4 NEWS
stories from major news media who have run stories on how big
ticket items are up for sale around the world at an alarming
rate due to the economic conditions. We are in the RIGHT place
at the RIGHT time and you have only seen the tip of the ice berg
of what we are going to do. Do not get impatient and be a team
player as we begin our major push into the client side of this

Some great news...

When the client side launches you will be pleased to see an
ADDITIONAL perk we have added to being a part of the 300 Elite

This important...

Everybody on this team is getting one ON GOING listing by virtue
of being on the 300 elite team. This alone could have a value of
up to $200 per month and as you know, your maintenance is only
$39.95. We have added something that will have everyone excited
and here it is..

Each month you are "active" you will receive (2) MONTHLY
listing CODES in your Big Ticket back office. These 2 30 day
listings will be YOURS to sell or use yourself. If you sell
these codes (30 day listings) you will make 100% of what you
charge a person to LIST their big ticket item via your codes!

It gets better!

Each month your $39.95 maintenance clears, you will ACCUMULATE
these codes and they will build at a rate of (2) codes per month
to a max of 24 codes. Each code could have a value (if you
charge the client max price or suggested retail price) of up to
as much as $200 per month to list on YOUR Big Ticket Depot web
portal. Do the math..Remember, we are GIVING you 100% of
whatever you choose to charge for the listing! Each month these
codes will accumulate and will show in your Big Ticket back
office and with what we will be giving you to attract CLIENTS,
it should be SIMPLE to pick up NEW clients each month online
and you get 100% of the LISTING fee, not to mention the
potential COMMISSION from their item actually selling! This is
something we are ONLY extending to the 300 Elite Team and to
ANYONE who enrolls through you by the end of January! Very
important, the DEADLINE for people being grandfathered into this
program is the END of January.

This adds a WHOLE new dimension to Big Ticket Depot and makes
your odds of making MONTHLY income even better. Think about
this, we are allowing you to make 100% of the listing fee from
people who activate these codes through you and we are allowing
you to charge them whatever you want to charge them! Yes, we
will suggest you use our final suggested retail prices that will
be posted the day we launch the client side of Big Ticket Depot.

The ONLY way you can lose out on this and LOSE this perk is to
miss your $39.95 maintenance fee . There are ZERO sponsoring
requirements to keep this perk! This ALONE can become a source
of revenue for you when the client side opens!

Word of advice, do NOT miss your monthly maintenance and if you
have accidentally missed it, be sure to get that fixed before
the end of January. You do NOT want to lose out on this.

***Client Side***

The programming for the CLIENT side of Big Ticket is FINISHED!
We are in the "Skinning" phase. Skinning is a process in which
the bare bones programming has some DESIGN built over it. Its
like having the engine of a car finished and now we are molding
the BODY of the car OVER the engine so it runs great and LOOKS
great! I am SO excited about the engine and it has been built in
such a way that it will easily be improved and modified as we
grow as a team/company. There is MUCH that we will ad as we go
but for the start, you will see that it is very user friendly
and your listing clients are going to LOVE the flexibility of it

The other exciting feature of the Client side is this..

You will be able to VIEW every listing you have that has
enrolled through you! It will be like having your OWN Big Ticket
store and when a potential buyer is looking at one of your
clients listings, it will show ALL of your other listings of
clients you have. This is a great feature and will create even
MORE exposure and potential for sales/commissions for you!

***Full Time Email Marketing/Classified Ad Posting Staff**

Next MONDAY we have 5 FULL time email marketing / classified ad
posting experts begin working for you! EVERY 300 Elite Team
member who has an account in good standing ($39.95 maintenance
fee is in good standing) will have their Big Ticket Depot
websites in a marketing rotation and will be in line to get
customers and clients via a DIRECT marketing system we are
deploying next week. Additionally, we will be adding the
TRI-Videos into the rotation for you who got your TRI-Video set

For you who did NOT get your Tri-Video set up, you will STILL
have your REGULAR Big Ticket Depot URL in the rotation but if
you would like (2) MORE places in line in the rotation, you will
want to register for the TRI VIDEO system by the end of January.
The sooner the better.

Register for the Tri Video system here if you have not done so


We are allowing you to enroll people to be part of the launch of
Big Ticket Depot through the end of January. Yes, you will be
able to enroll people into Big Ticket Depot after that via the
affiliate side but it is IMPORTANT to note that those who enroll
BEFORE the end of January will be part of the (2) codes per
month incentive.

**Additional Incentive***

Our goal is to expand our affiliate base by an additional 500
members and here is the incentive to do such:

1. For EVERY member you enroll in January you will:


Earn $75 Commission


This is in ADDITION to the (2) you are ALREADY getting each
month. This is HUGE and when you see the client side open it
is going to turn a HUGE light bulb on make everyone realize
how much we are GIVING back to everyone.You will have such
an AWESOME potential of earning REAL money every month
because of WHEN you joined. We are NOT doing this for
everyone after the 300 Elite Team. Your 300 Elite Team is
even MORE valuable then you may think.


Anyone who enrolls (5) or more affiliates before the end
of January will qualify for the PRESIDENT'S Marketing Club
and will be tied into an ADDITIONAL advertising campaign that
will be (2) MAJOR PRINT advertisements that will lead people
to you and the others who are in that category.


Anyone who enrolls (10) people or more will be put in for
a 250,000 email campaign that will send LEADS/PROSPECTS and
even SIGN UPS to you direct. One of our full time marketers
will take YOUR account and market YOUR specific URL to over
250,000 of our opt-in lists. This is HUGE and when you think
about it, it is a big opportunity because by enrolling 10
people you are ALSO making $75 per enrollment AND an EXTRA
listing CODE that will enable you to make 100% of the LISTING
fee when someone activates that code!

I know this email has been long but there is much to go over
and with the launch of the client side on the horizon, you need
to know that where you are RIGHT NOW is a GREAT position. Do NOT
quit or get impatient. This program is destined to be big and
you are a BIG part of it. If by chance the $39.95 is a
challenge, look at ways to cut back things that are not that
important so you can keep your account in perfect standing.
There are many things that are not necessities that we can all
cut back on in order to do something that has potential (BIG

I look forward to an exciting New Year and we will be
communicating FREQUENTLY as the time for client side launch
draws near. For you who have NOT enrolled in the Tri Video
system, it is 100% optional but I recommend it 100%. It is
ALREADY working for many people and one person has already
enrolled 14 affiliates by just emailing his Tri Video link to
only 200 people. That is GREAT statistics and it took very
little time for him to do it.

Register for the Tri Video System here:

Have a great week and I look forward to sending the next update!


Joel Sauceda
Vortex/Big Ticket Depot

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