Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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From: Joel Sauceda/Big Ticket & Big Value Depot CEO
Date: June 29, 2009
Time: 12:00 P.M. CST
To: 300 Elite Team

Good afternoon,

This week we will be setting up multiple rotator pages that are going to be inserted in the search engines and will be marketed on FACE BOOK, MY SPACE and many other social networking websites. We have worked out arrangements to cross link these pages and here is what it means for you as a 300 Elite Team member..Before the end of this email, I will be asking you to set up a FREE account with Face Book so you can help accommodate some of the enrollments we will get from that angle alone. You will understand why by the end of this email..

What does all this "marketing" we are doing mean to you?

Traffic to your websites and Commissions (money!)

The Plan Has IMPROVED Over The Past Several Months.. This has been done to make this even BETTER for you and easier for you to build a long term income and make UPFRONT money...

Our plan of launching Big Ticket Depot has evolved into something much greater than we ever dreamed and although it took more time& money, the final product is going to be worth the wait. I can tell you that our (YOUR) market went from 30% to almost 85% of people who will have an interest or NEED for what YOU will offer them. The way we are going to present this by use of SINGLE WEB PAGES that will GRAB peoples attention and SIMPLE WEB PAGES that will enable people
to activate a LISTING VOUCHER (with YOUR code on it) to "TRY BEFORE THEY BUY" a listing will be TURN-KEY and SIMPLE. This will show them that they can do it and will make them WANT to join.

SIMPLICITY is KEY. We are working to make this program SIMPLE to understand and SIMPLE to market. We know that some of you may feel like your out of the loop but that is not the case. The marketing we are setting in place at our expense is going to benefit you tremendously and will not require you to go through a year of training. Our goal is to get each of you to the point of getting 3-4 enrollments a DAY or more..

What would that mean?

3 X $75 = $225 Per day X 30 Days= OVER $6000 per month...

How many of you could use that kind of income or even HALF of that kind of income? Or how about half of HALF of that kind of extra income? This is very realistic considering the MARKET CLIMATE and ECONOMIC CONDITIONS....VERY DOABLE.

What we are doing on our end is going to make that 100% possible and NOT "Pie In The Sky"..

Remember something...

People around the WORLD are interested in SELLING their OWN stuff...People in MLM's around the world are trying to SELL their products....People who own HOUSES, BOATS, etc..etc.. are DESPERATE to sell their stuff...

We have a HUGE market and to find 2-3 people a day on this thing we call the INTERNET (where BILLIONS reside), makes it POSSIBLE.

We are marketing something here that people want and people who are presently using Ebay and other listing options are looking for OTHER options. We are that OPTION.

I have NEVER doubted this idea/opportunity, I only WISHED the programming could be completed faster because I KNOW that we have a program that is going to GROW rapidly and so many of you are going to make a lot of money at..

I am here to tell you that I am behind this program 10000% and it was 100% my idea to launch this and I have NO DOUBT in my mind that what we have here is a HIT and will get HUGE!

The question is this...

WHO will be part of it and who will have the patience and staying power to see this idea that is ALREADY in action become a HOUSE HOLD name online...WHEN this happens this team will have been at the FOREFRONT and will reap the NEW enrollments and NEW clients and EVERYTHING else we are setting in place.

Remember, we did not launch this company as a PUBLIC company.. We launched this company with a 300 Elite Team who saw this vision before the websites were even built. You read and heard my idea online and you are seeing this roll out before your eyes. This IS going to be big and if ANYONE opted out they will want to OPT back in and fast. Nobody will want to lose their 300 Elite Team Status especially when you see how we are PROGRAMMING this system to CODE
EVERY Vortex member who is in NOW and in the future to have a listing code and a position that WE will encourage them to activate by showing them step by step how simple this program is...

There is MUCH to go over and I appreciate you reading this far. I know that with the economy in such a downer it can get you down sometimes. We are all human but it is important to keep your eye on the FINAL GOAL. We have a PLAN here and we have never strayed from that plan.

My thanks goes out to Brad Harris (VP) who has put so much into making sure the programming is solid and our great web design staff who have been on top of this each and every day. I would also like to thank Manuel Oblitas and his staff who have put thousands of hours into developing this programs TECHNICAL side. You have no idea how much has gone into this and how FAR we plan on taking this program.

For now, I have some instructions for each of you...

FIRST and foremost if your account has lapsed for whatever reason, it is important that it is put back in qualified status. If your $39 monthly maintenance has lapsed, you will need to email Brad Harris at :


In your email subject line put : REINSTATE BTD

In your email put your FULL NAME

Brad will send you instructions to reinstate your account..
You will not want to lose your 300 Elite Team status...


I have been setting up MULTIPLE angles for driving traffic to YOUR websites. I will be deploying MULTIPLE campaigns and NO it will NOT cost you anything but TIME. We have budgeted for this marketing and as a 300 Elite Team member in good standing, you have EARNED it.

One of many angles I have set up is the Social Media Marketing angle....

I am sure everyone here has heard of Myspace, Twitter, FaceBook etc..

I have a plan that will drive THOUSANDS of people from those mediums to this team (YOU) BUT I need each of you to set up an account, FIRST with FACE BOOK...

Here is what I need each of you to do:


1. Go to FaceBook.Com and set up a FREE account (right hand side of page)..

2. AFTER you have set up a FREE account, send me a DIRECT EMAIL at the following account:


(Some of you are with us in Max Life and I gave you all ANOTHER email account to send to for that)

In your email subject to me put "Face Book Account Established"

In our email put your FIRST/LAST name.

I will in turn send you a special link to join a special Face Book group with me. This is one way I will communicate with you and anther way I will send traffic to your websites..

This week we will be explaining the PERSONALIZED BTD & BVD Stores that each of you will be GIVEN! These stores will be a product you will be able to market and make HUGE residual commissions on. Who will be interested in these stores?

1. Small independent car, boat, rv dealerships..How many around the world? MILLIONS!

2. Antique shops, specialty shops

3. Current Ebay sellers..They will want to save money by setting up shop with us..

4. The MILLIONS of people on Craigs list posting items to sell...

This week we will show you how this part of the puzzle is going to attract people from around the world and how you will be GIVEN multiple SIMPLE one page websites that will invite them in...NO phone call sales required because our emails/social media marketing will do the work for you..

The vision is alive and well and you will soon see Vortex (the system that has BUILT Max Life and Big Ticket) evolve into a TURN-KEY system that will drive people into YOUR big ticket team and for youyeh who are part of Max Life, BOTH!

Have a great day and do not forget to follow the instructions above!


Joel Sauceda
Big Ticket/Big Value Depot

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  1. Doug, You are so right when you say that Big Ticket Depot and Big Value Depot are going to make a big impact on how people sell their items. We are seeing that already. This is something that it sorely needed.

    Richard Mathiason