Thursday, May 28, 2009

It Still Lives!

I love it when I get good news, especially when it's a long time coming.

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And without further ado, may I bring to you the latest update from Joel and Brad, the Corporate Duo of Big Ticket Depot:


Urgent/From CEO/Big Value Depot-Big Ticket Depot - June 20th BIG DAY

Please Read this ENTIRE email, even if your account has lapsed at ANY time. We are LAUNCHING our MAJOR feeder programs from Vortex (Big Value/Big Ticket
AND Max Life) and you will be PLEASED to know that NOBODY has lost any positions provided instructions are followed.

This is NO time to relax. ALL systems are ready to go FINALLY and you are about to see our MASTER plan come to REALITY. If you took a break that is fine
but it is now time to get back into position. June, July, August and September are going to be HUGE Months for ALL of our feeder programs and you HAVE a position.

For you who have hung in there all this time, you are amazing and appreciated. We know it has been a long road but we are real people and we never quit..We just got better for you!

*************VERY IMPORTANT-A MUST***************

Read this email and EVERYONE needs to read the P.S section and follow instructions please..

THE "PS" Section is ALSO important!


For immediate release

May 27, 2009
Time: 10:00 A.M. CST

Good Morning,

I have waited several months to be able to send this email to everyone on this team. We have finally arrived and I have much to share with you about what
is HAPPENING and what is about to HAPPEN! First, you need to know that I have been like a caged marketing LION during this time while we waited for the "techies" to do their programming etc. I am not the most patient person in the world but because much of what had to be developed for Big Value Depot and Big Ticket Depot was beyond my control, I had to be. I chose to keep it "low key" during this time and put my focus on developing the marketing side of the program which will work synergistically with the programming that has been completed.

The time is now...

Everything I asked for has been created by these developers. With the economy worsening during these developmental months, it has only STRENGTHENED
our position as a company and is going to mean great things for you as a 300 Elite Team member. What we will be able to offer millions of people is going to "MAKE SENSE" to people and people WILL take what we are offering them. This will be the EASIEST sale we have ever had to make and because you are
part of the 300 Elite Team, those sales (100% of them) will be going to you. We have not even LAUNCHED this program in its entirety and we already have THOUSANDS of people visiting the site and posting items. We have not even shown the SIMPLICITY of the program, yet hundreds of people are already USING it!

This is a DREAM come true for me and now you will see HOW we will plug this program and Max Life DIRECTLY into the VORTEX "FEEDER" Program! You will see VORTEX FUNNELLING THOUSANDS of people into BOTH of these businesses and for you who have them BOTH, you will get DOUBLE the benefit. Keep in mind that Big Value and Big Ticket are ONE program combined however, I do know that some of you are not set up with Max Life and we are going to show you HOW to double your benefit by doing that in the VERY near future.

Big Value / Big Ticket, PERFECT for the TIMES..The Economy..Recession...

The marketing we will be GIVING you and the type of people that are ALREADY attracted to us is increasing daily. Our rankings are rising and this means MORE traffic for EVERYONE. Additionally, we will run a 30 day PRE LAUNCH with over 400,000 people in a database we have and they will be guided to our 300 Elite Team...Our goal is to pay out at least $250,000 in commissions within the next 60 days. It will sky rocket from

ALSO...EVERY new Vortex member will be GIVEN a FREE listing within Big Value and Big Ticket and we will be assigning these leads/potential customers to EACH of the people on the 300 Elite Team.

ALSO...within 90 days we will be adjusting the entry fee because we will be INCREASING the amount of listings people will get. The great news is this fee will ALSO increase the commissions from $75 per sign up to over $125 PER SIGN UP. This alone is huge and will ONLY be given to people who are 300 Elite Team QUALIFIED..

300 Elite Team "QUALIFIED"..What Does This Mean?

Your $39 monthly maintenance is in good standing

I know it took longer than expected to get this going but look at the state of the times..We had a major crash in the economy and many things slowed down in that time. Fortunately we NEVER stopped working or believing and now we ALL have a chance to build a HUGE business here.


We have FULL time email marketing people sending out emails and ALREADY getting people signed up in Big Value/ Big Ticket. These sign ups are being given
to the 300 Elite Team. I am SURE this will increase, especially with all the incentives we will offer the people!

I look forward to your success in all of our feeder programs. We have HUGE RE-Launches happening next month and you will NOT want to miss out on it!

Have a GREAT day!

Joel Sauceda
Vortex/Max Life


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