Monday, June 8, 2009

Yikes And Double Yikes!

Yowza! Yikes! Whoops and oops! I nearly forgot about this. "Corporate" at Big Ticket Depot in the form of Joel has sent an updating missive to we the Elite 300 Spartan BTD/BVD Warrior Team informing us, for one, not to miss the postscript at the end. Just now re-reading that there letter I was reminded of said P.S., and so I followed the instructions and clicked on the link I was directed to to confirm my Elite 300 Spartan BTD/BVD Warrior Team status. But in the body of this here letter I am referring to, that there info tells us that in July, August and September big things are gonna be happening with Big Ticket Depot and its little cousin site Big Value Depot and that an alleged "$250,000 in commissions within the next 60 days" are in the works. Here is the paragraph with that little tidbit:

The marketing we will be GIVING you and the type of people that are ALREADY attracted to us is increasing daily. Our rankings are rising and this means MORE traffic for EVERYONE. Additionally, we will run a 30 day PRE LAUNCH with over 400,000 people in a database we have and they will be guided to our 300 Elite Team...Our goal is to pay out at least $250,000 in commissions within the next 60 days. It will sky rocket from

Well, that would be pretty cool, but I'll see it when I believe it, if you can believe that if you see what I mean. At any rate, by clicking on the title of this posting, you will be directed yourself to that there letter. There is some other juicy stuff in the message. It doth give me hope. It's kinda like dope.

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