Monday, July 6, 2009

300 Elite Team

Good afternoon,

July is going to be a huge month for this team as we
will be launching the personalized BTD/BVD web stores
and announcing the launch of our free listing
campaigns to such as Face Book, MySpace
and millions of people via multiple marketing

I have had almost every 300 Elite Team member email me
with their Face Book set up notification and I am
working through each of them one by one. I appreciate
everyone's cooperation and attention to detail. This
is all part of a bigger plan to launch this concept to
the world of the internet...There are MILLIONS of
people who are going to learn about this and you will
see thousands of people beginning to test the listing
process by way of one of your voucher codes. This
combined with a generous commission program will
motivate them to join and motivate everyone on this
team to push forward as you see how simple this is
going to be to market online.

The approach I am taking as we build this company to
MILLIONS of listings and MILLIONS of clicks from web
traffic is a very personal approach. I know that many
of you need the extra help and instruction and we are
going to make sure you get that. This program becomes
a success when each 300 elite team member experiences
success first.

Lives are going to change financially as we make this
program into everything it can be. You were with us in
the beginning and deserve to reap the benefits of what
will surely become a big success.

We have a winning program and you will see how
everything was meant to come together soon.

For you who have not had a chance to set up your Face
Book accounts, please do so by following the
instructions in the email we sent out earlier this
week. Below is the link to that email:

Have a happy 4th of July and a great weekend. I look
forward to a great month and a successful venture


Joel Sauceda
Big Ticket/Big Value CEO

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